Children with Diplomas: A Father's Pride

SMI has remained committed to helping develop sustainable communities within the Project area. In 2018, a total of PhP36.7 million was invested for education and skills training, community health, community infrastructure, enterprise development, and information, education and communication. These programs reached at least 19,183 individuals and 2,131 households in the barangays and municipalities hosting the Project.

SMI continues to work with local government units, tribal communities, and other partners in the public and private sectors. Together, we plant the future today while we harvest the fruits of our partnerships from years gone by.

Catch these inspiring success stories of individuals, families, and organizations in the 2019 issue of Panag-uban, our annual community development magazine that is soon to be released this September.

I’m a father of seven children, and five of them have received good education through the help of Sagittarius Mines, Inc.

I made sure that my children take their studies seriously. I disciplined them and reminded them always to appreciate the opportunity that is being given to them. I knew that only through education could they have better lives.

My life was difficult growing up. Schools, even just for elementary and secondary, were far from us. There was no scholarship program either. So I didn’t have a chance to earn a degree, and when I married my wife, our life was no different from the lives of our parents. We had to make do with the little that we earned from farming. I’m glad that my children didn’t wind up the same way.

I encourage my relatives and the other members of my tribe to send their children to school. The younger generation should take advantage of scholarships. If they don’t finish their studies, we will remain poor.

I’m thankful to SMI for the financial assistance that is coursed through the tribal council of my community. One of my children successfully finished college and is now working abroad and another one is about to graduate from college. With the help of my child who is now working, my life and that of my family have greatly improved.

Mr. Morito Puli is from Sbangken Indigenous Cultural Community in Barangay Tablu, Tampakan. His family was chosen as the Model IP Family of the Municipality of Tampakan in 2018. Aside from his child who graduated from college, his four other children are still in school and are all recipients of the SMI-Tribal Foundation Scholarship Program. 


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