SMI scholar Cherry Rose Sarosas - Certified Public Accountant

SMI Scholar Cherry Rose Sarosas successfully passed the 2018 Certified Public Accountant (CPA) board exam given by the Professional Regulation Commission Board of Accountancy. The examinations were held on May 13, 20, and 21, 2018.

Cherry joins the 2,843 successful examinees out of 9,830 (28.92 percent) aspirants who took the exam. She earned her BS Accountancy degree from Sultan Kudarat State University in 2017.

Cherry is a native of Columbio in Sultan Kudarat province, one of the four host municipalities within the Tampakan Copper-Gold Project area. For graduating class valedictorian at Columbio National High School in 2012, Sagittarius Mines, Inc. awarded her with a 5-year scholarship grant under its Samahan ng Matatalinong Indibidwal – Scholarship Program (SMI-SP).

All SM-SP scholars enjoy full tuition and miscellaneous fees subsidy, plus monthly allowances, until the completion of their chosen courses. To date, more than 150 SMI-SP scholars have successfully completed their college education and are now gainfully employed as professionals in various disciplines.

Cherry is the daughter of Sammy and Judy Sarosas. Sammy works as a laborer-farmer while Judy is employed as cook at the Columbio municipal canteen.

Well done and congratulations, Cherry! You make us proud! 


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